24 Jul 2013

Where have I been?

I haven't been here for a while, but I have been busy sewing and posting my children's clothes here www.Facebook.com/TheaLilyloves and actually selling some! Very exciting...please take a look. surrounded by so many gorgeous cotton prints, I decided to start making some up...

9 May 2013

A new outfit for Ruby

I have used the very last of my fave doily design cotton from the fab Fabric Rehab! So sorry to see the end of it, but hopefully Ruby will get plenty of wear out of this! The skirt is from a tutorial on makeit-loveit.com for a paper bag skirt.

27 Mar 2013

Easter teacher gifts

The teachers and teaching assistants and office staff at my childrens' school do so much for all of them, that I like us to say a little thank you at the end of term. I found these stunning ranunculus plants at Suffolk Food Hall for very little money and wrapped them each in a piece of tissue paper, with Easter ribbon tied round and an egg pick in some of them. These are my kind of colours and they looked amazing massed together, sat in the staffroom for the staff to help themselves, with a little thank you from us for the work they do.

A very Happy Easter

20 Mar 2013

Spring flowers

Today I spent the morning with my oldest, dearest friend. At Myrtle and Mint florists we were shown how to arrange Spring flowers in stunning colours, for a table arrangement. Libby and Jane have a really natural country style and their gorgeous shop is a mecca for flower lovers like me. From time to time, I go in to gaze at the myriad of foliage in shades of acid, silver and grey, the blousy roses in vintage shades, the stunning hydrangea heads, the incredible natural beauty of colour, form and texture. I never tire of flowers and, thanks to Libby and Jane, I now feel slightly more confident about having a go at arranging them.

11 Mar 2013

Mother's Day

I hope all you Mums had a quiet, relaxing, pampered day yesterday? No? Me neither! But I did receive some beautiful cards made at school and a gorgeous pink paper heart on a wool necklace from Thea Lily. I was also given these cute china measuring cups from Sainsbury's and an applique cushion from Dunelm Mill. Love them!

Sometime ago, I bought some little wooden birdhouses from QD, I think they were less than £1 each and I got round to wrapping one with washi tape the other day. I also used my label maker, a recent purchase. I remember my Dad having one of these, only black tape in those days and he labelled everything! I used to love using it. Seeing it takes me back instantly to my childhood!

9 Mar 2013

A box for jewels

One of the things Ruby wanted for her birthday was a jewellery box for all her jewels! Rather than get her one of those boxes with a ballerina inside, like I had, I wanted to make her one. I found this blank box in QD for a couple of pounds and Decopatched it, using my signature colours and some washi tape. One happy little girl...

4 Mar 2013

3 and 5

So, I made 4 dresses (from the wedding gown), for the christening of the most beautiful triplet girls and their 3 year old sister (also gorgeous!) and we attended the christening Sunday morning. They are the most contented babies I have ever met and their parents are amazing. I struggled with one baby at a time, let alone 3! The girls gave me a huge bouquet of flowers and I used them to decorate the table in the afternoon when we had family round for tea and cake, to celebrate my daughter's 5th birthday.